Nice butt, huh!



Name: Honami


・     All gentlemen! Excuse me. Have you had massage on your butt? That feels better than you think.☆ It feels good your GF massages you. Then it would be nicer if a professional  masseuse flexes your butt!


All men prefer beautiful and young masseuses. LoL And we wish if we can get a happy ending or see her boobs… Okay, then, let’s get massage with a happy ending looking at boobs of beautiful girls! Is there such a good place!? Yes, here is.☆


I know the outcall kaishun massage escort club that delivers to love hotels in Imaizumi or Haruyoshi area next to Nakasu, and to business hotels! Please do not think the massage in escort service is not good! They provide whole good kaishun and sexual feeling massage! Furthermore, it’s erotic! Because the masseuses stick to you more than enough, some men might scream “Oh, oh. Massage is enough. Ppplease… ah, my private part, aaaah!” 


Good massage to flex your body and a happy ending! It is like “killing two birds with one stone”! Yes, you can run after two hares here. LoL Imagine a beautiful lady shows her boobs and massages your butt hard! It’s so fun.♪



Escort Erotic Massage Club, Hakata, Kashii, Massage
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub

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