Want erotic massage in Fukuoka?


Name: Yukina


・     There is a massage club you can receive very erotic body to body massage by a stunning beauty that you turn your head in a station or a town. This is my personal opinion, but I think girls can start working easier in this type of massage escort clubs without risk of venereal diseases and hard-core service. Surely, we, men do not want STD. No thanks!


If erotic aroma massage releases whole body fatigue and brings the orgasm we have not had before, it is much better than hard service like sumata (panty job) or blowjob with a risk of VD! I often call in to my home. They can deliver a masseuse in 30-40 minutes to my home near Ohashi Station. I can clean up my room in the waiting time. LoL It is really good to have massage at home! In the most relaxing place, I do things that I cannot have in my private sex life. Then I feel as if I were with my GF, and the illusion turns me on more.


Careful massage on the bottom and private part that are usually tightened in clothes increases erection power naturally, and amazing ecstasy hit me. The happy ending is nuru hand job in body to body style. Sticky elastic skin and various modulated hand job techniques are outstanding. Would you care for this sexual feeling?


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Fukuoka Ohashi Sexual Massage
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